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*The above spreadsheet is an example. If you would like a spreadsheet to customize to your farm, please call Ashley at Chatton 217-696-4491 or stop by to go through a scenerio that fits your needs!

What is the impact of waiting on the market to change in order to price grain?
Using the corn example above, with a 750 acre farm with an average yeild of 185 bushels per acre, you would have a total 138,750 bushels to market throughout the year. If you were to sell your whole crop at once, waiting on the market to go up 2 cents, gains you an extra $3.70/acre which equals $2775.00 total gain.

Using the Soybean example above, instead of using the total production as we did previously, if you are just wanting to price 1,000 bushels, waiting for the market to go up 2 cents will only cost you $20. Sometimes its those extra 2 cents that you wait on that end up costing you 50 cents! So is that extra $20 on 1,000 bushel really worth risking just to get an extra 2 cents? 
These spreadsheets are just examples. If you would like a copy of it for your records to put your own information in (all the calculations are figured for you), or if you would like someone to go through it with you, give Ashley at Chatton a call (217)696-4461!
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